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Field Trips


Bird Watching Future Trips  2020-2021



There will be a birding trip to Fort De Soto for MEMBERS only on April 16 at 9AM. We will meet at the big flag as you enter the park..

Bring a mask. We will not be going to lunch together afterwards as a group.

Directions: Take 75 S to 275. Cross the Sunshine Skyway toll bridge. Stay in the left lane and turn onto Pinellas Parkway. Follow the signs to Fort De Soto Use your Sunpass if you have one.

There are tolls.

We have a Facebook Page and a Webpage. Both are good sources of info.

Financial update: For 30+ years our club has had as a project The Window In The Woods.. The building is in need of repair. Freedom Plaza owns it and has agreed to pay 75% of the estimate.

Our share is around $2000. This was not budgeted for.  The club will pay it but it occured to the Board that others may want to help out. If you think you would like to, you can email us at this email address. You can elect to be anonymous or let us share your name with our members.

The final news is that we expect to be resuming our meetings in person next fall. Watch for our brochure in September!


Reservations: When in-person group field trips resume, reservations may be made at our monthly in-person meetings (when they resume).

General recommendations for bird watching: walking shoes, cameras, binoculars, water, sun screen.  Eagle Audubon will not be responsible for personal injuries or losses incurred by anyone while taking part in its suggested activities.

Eagle Audubon Bird Watching  

This year due to Covid-19 bird trips will be different. They will be “do-it-yourself”. Take your binoculars and drive to the birding site and enjoy. If you wear a mask, please cut the straps off, then dispose properly. Birds are getting snared in them.   Here is a list of 14 birding sites near and far.


Window in the Woods—It is a house on a nature trail with bird feeders, so you are guaranteed to see some birds all the time.

Kings Point Closed Golf Courses and around the North Clubhouse and 2020 Building – All year around water birds such as egrets, cormorants, anhingas, herons, gulls and roseate spoonbills can be seen plus blue birds, cardinals, peregrine falcons, red shoulder hawks and an occasional red tail hawk. Get in your golf cart and go birding!

Sun City Nature Trail which is north of Window in the Woods where you can see a wide range of birds (woodpeckers, blue birds, cardinals and many warblers when they pass through.)

Camp Bayou in Ruskin—You are welcomed as you turn in to Camp Bayou by our butterfly garden. Stop and look at the butterflies and plants. You can see water birds since it is on the Little Manatee River. The camp is open Thursday through Saturday 9-2, and the Paleo Fossil Museum is open Saturday 9-12 where you can see fossils, mastodons, saber cats, and much more from the area.

Cockroach Bay Aquatic Preserve in Ruskin—You will see a wide variety of birds since the preserve has fresh and saltwater lakes. It is considered on e-bird as the best place to bird in Hillsborough County.

Bahia Beach Nature Preserve in Apollo Beach–It is a great place to see ducks and other water birds. Also, you can see hogs on the other side of the lake.

Calvary church (not on a Sunday) 1250 E College Ave. Ruskin

Swan Lake, Sun City Center


Lettuce Lake in Temple Terrace –A great birding place with the Tampa Audubon building near the boardwalk along the Hillsborough River. You are guaranteed to see some great birds, especially herons and limpkins.

Celery Fields in Sarasota—It is a gem for water birds with some special birds like soras, purple gallinules, Virginia rails and bitterns. If you want help, arrive at the boardwalks before 10:30 am and members of the Sarasota Audubon have scopes out and will point out the different birds. Near the Sarasota Audubon Building is a gazebo with gardens where you can observe indigo and painted buntings and, occasionally, a yellow headed black bird.

Felts Preserve in Palmetto—It is a preserve owned by Manatee Audubon. They have a bird blind with feeders where you can see indigo and painted buntings. Hint: Sit quietly for 15 to 20 minutes before the painted buntings come out. Also, along the little river, I saw a river otter playing.

Circle B Bar Preserve in Lakeland—It is a gem! First timers always say, “I never saw so many birds.” Lots of water birds.

Fort De Soto in St. Petersburg—It is the best place for water birds (can see a reddish egret dance). During migration, all the birds returning from Mexico stop here for food so if you want to see warblers, this is your spot.

Bennett Park, Bradenton- South on I-75 to Route 64 West. 1.2 mile nature trail.